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Important Tips to Ensure a Successful Roofing Project

2021-04-16T10:00:00-04:00April 16, 2021|Roofing|

Any roofing project is a major financial commitment; in fact, it involves processes that can be more complex than you might have thought. There’s more to a roof repair than just sealing gaps, just as a roof replacement involves more than just a shingle tear-off. Nowadays, reliable roofing is all about taking advantage of innovative roofing materials and a systematic approach that focuses on protecting your most important investment—your residential or commercial property. . . .

Factors of Roofing Resilience

2021-03-18T03:37:41-04:00January 18, 2021|Roofing|

A building is considered resilient if it is capable of surviving extreme weather events while remaining a habitable space even without power for a short period up until electricity comes back on. One essential component of this resilience is the roofing system. Just imagine if your roof gets easily damaged or blown off during a storm, your home will likely become uninhabitable; your building will be unusable. . . .

DIY Roof Installation vs. Professional Roofing Installation

2020-11-17T15:02:13-05:00September 11, 2017|Roof Installation|

So your house needs a roof. You are handy with tools and wondering if DIY roof installation is the way to go.On the other hand, part of you also feels that it is a job better left to the professionals. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to know that you are not alone. Many DIY enthusiasts often wonder if roofing is something they could get done themselves.To make it easier for you . . .

Protecting Your Property During Roof Replacement

2020-11-17T15:16:12-05:00August 28, 2017|Roofing Contractor|

Roof replacement can be a messy job at times. Although contractors should take every precaution there is to prevent property damage, many of them don’t. It could be a dent in the siding, damage to the shrubbery, or even a bunch of broken flower pots. When it does happen, you have to talk to the contractor and hope he fixes what he broke or at the very least pays for the damages. The whole thing . . .

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