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How a Newly-Built Roof Increases Your Home Property

2022-02-18T00:18:17-05:00February 9, 2022|Roofing|

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, it helps to make the right decisions to ensure potential homeowners consider your property. This usually means making certain renovations that help increase its curb appeal and presentability, but you should also consider bigger projects that can increase its resale value. One of such projects is a roof replacement, which takes careful planning and consideration. . . .

HOA Approval for Your New Roof: Why is It Needed?

2022-02-11T00:54:05-05:00February 2, 2022|Roofing|

Different factors must be considered when planning a roof repair or replacement project. But besides selecting the right materials, hiring the right contractor is also essential. After all, working with someone who has the knowledge and experience makes a big difference in ensuring a successful roofing job. However, additional steps must be completed if you live in an HOA community. . . .

What You Should Expect in Your Roofing Estimate

2022-01-21T00:09:24-05:00January 11, 2022|Roofing|

Any roofing project is a major investment. As such, it’s important to find a good price from a qualified roofing contractor. Your contractor may provide a roofing estimate. This document roughly states how much your contractor believes the job will cost. It should also tell you everything you need to know about the project. . . .

Common Commercial Roofing Myths Debunked

2021-12-21T09:25:17-05:00December 21, 2021|Roofing|

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding commercial roofing systems. While they are circulating, believing in these myths could endanger the condition of your roofing system, especially if you are a commercial property owner. This is because misconceptions and misinformation will derail your judgment when it comes to making responsible roofing decisions. In this post, De Palma Construction, one of the top commercial and residential roofing companies, debunks some of the top commercial roofing myths.  . . .

How to Protect Your Home’s Exterior During Roof Replacement

2021-12-29T07:33:09-05:00December 16, 2021|Roofing|

The garden and exterior are some of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. This is because they make up a significant portion of your home’s curb appeal, prompting homeowners to do their best to protect their investment. However, they could get damaged during the course of a roof installation project. In this post, the top residential roofing and installation contractor, De Palma Construction, shares some tips to protect your garden and exterior during a roof installation . . .

What to Ask Your Roofer’s Previous Clients and References

2021-12-14T09:18:34-05:00December 14, 2021|Roofing|

Before hiring a residential or commercial roofing contractor, it’s important to conduct proper research. Other than getting accurate estimates and checking authentic reviews, you should ask your prospective roofers for references. This can range from the clients they’ve worked with in the past, or their material suppliers. This allows you to find out more about the traits and skills of your roof repair contractor. Here are the things you should ask from your roofer’s references: . . . .

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