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Finding the Perfect Shingle Color for Your New Roof

2022-05-11T01:48:13-04:00May 3, 2022|Roofing|

While other materials such as metal and slate last for decades, they’re also more expensive and even too heavy for homes that don’t have the right infrastructure. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are highly economical and practical in terms of durability and reliability. They’re also more affordable, which makes them one of the most popular roofing materials across the country.   . . .

Storm Chasers: How to Spot and Avoid Them

2021-04-14T10:00:00-04:00April 14, 2021|Roofing|

The term “storm chasers” refers to roofers that travel across the country, usually trailing the path of storms, to look for unsuspecting homeowners. Mostly, their schemes involve knocking on doors and offering inspections and repairs at prices that are too good to be true but with the intent of performing substandard work. By the time the victims realize this, they have moved on to the next storm-ravaged area. . . .

Why Choose A GAF Certified Roofing Contractor?

2021-09-25T10:30:49-04:00November 19, 2018|Roofing Contractor|

A GAF roofing contractor can make the prospect of replacing your roof much easier. That’s because GAF certification guarantees you are getting the most experienced, qualified work done with some of the best materials on the market today.   It’s a significant difference when you consider how important your roof is for your home and family.   You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to protecting your family, so you want to make sure that you . . .

Protecting Your Property During Roof Replacement

2021-09-25T10:31:06-04:00August 28, 2017|Roofing Contractor|

Roof replacement can be a messy job at times. Although contractors should take every precaution there is to prevent property damage, many of them don’t. It could be a dent in the siding, damage to the shrubbery, or even a bunch of broken flower pots. When it does happen, you have to talk to the contractor and hope he fixes what he broke or at the very least pays for the damages. The whole thing . . .

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