Are you planning to get your residential roofing system replaced this spring? You’ll go through a roller-coaster of emotions as you go through the roofing process and consider every detail carefully, but you can be sure that it will be a fun and exciting experience for the most part. And since it’s a considerable investment for your home, this isn’t just a simple project that you can take on your own. To ensure it goes by smoothly, you need to work with a capable roofer. 

Finding the Right Contractor


Of course, you can’t just hire any other contractor available for your roofing project. Many can easily say that they’re professionally trained and qualified, but they must have solid proof to back their claims. The best way to find a suitable contractor is to do proper research and get referrals from friends and neighbors who also had their roofs replaced. If you don’t take the time to do this, you won’t guarantee a successful project. You wouldn’t want to put your investment in the hands of an unknown roofer, so make sure to consider your choices carefully as you find the right contractor.


Only a reputable residential roofing contractor can guide you on the right path to your installation project. You’re less likely to make costly mistakes when you work with a professional, after all. They’ll help you in each step of the way from choosing the best materials based on your needs and budget up to the final roofing inspection after everything’s installed. You’ll also need to ask the right questions as you meet with your prospective contractors, such as:


“When Did You Start Your Roofing Business?”


This is a good question to ask as it can help you gauge their workmanship and experience in the roofing industry. A roof replacement isn’t like any other renovation project, so it should be completed by those with the right experience. Some contractors may offer lower rates than others, but this is often done on purpose just to attract more customers. This can also mean they don’t have enough experience to get the job done, so think twice before you consider lower estimates for your roofing project.


“Do You Have a Business Permit/License?”


When it comes to working with a residential and commercial roofing contractor, you need to make sure that you hired someone who has a license and a permit to work in the area. The requirements for a business license and permit will vary for each state, but the roofing contractor has to be certified and licensed in the area to legally operate their business. They usually have such credentials with them all the time in case they need to prove that they’re operating legally, as well as a physical business address that’s within the area or state. 


“How Long Will the Project Take?”


Keep in mind that the amount of time needed to complete the roof work may vary. They may not even start working on your roof right away as they’ll be busy with other projects as well. Of course, this only means that many homeowners trust the contractor’s service and workmanship, so schedule a date that works best for both parties. Knowing how long your roof repair will take will also help you plan your other tasks around your roofing project as your home turns into a construction site with workers coming in and out.


“Do You Carry Insurance?”


Most states require contractors to carry at least two types of insurance for their business. Your roof repair and replacement prospects must have at least a general liability insurance and workers’ compensation to protect both you and the workers in case of damage or injury. It’s a necessity that professional roofing contractors should have, so if a roofer you’re keen on hiring doesn’t carry insurance, it can be a bit risky to entrust them with your replacement project. It’s better to move on to the next prospect.


General liability insurance provides coverage for any damage to your property throughout the roofing process. It essentially safeguards you, your family, and your property against damage or injury that may happen due to the construction process. It provides coverage for the hospital expenses in case you sustain an injury from a roofing accident, so you won’t need to shoulder them yourself. It also covers property damage despite taking precautions to protect your property. 


Your contractor should also have workers’ compensation to protect the roofers throughout the replacement project. It works almost the same way as liability insurance except that it applies to the workers. Whether they get sick or injured on the job, workers’ comp pays their lost wages. It also protects you from shouldering their medical costs and other benefits.


“Can I Check Your Portfolio?”


Professional roofing contractors typically have an online portfolio on their business website where you can see pictures of their previous projects. But upon meeting them personally for the first time, you can also ask them directly if they carry a physical portfolio of their previous work. Most contractors tend to have one that they can always show to their clients when needed, and you may even get a more detailed description of how they did their roof repair and other renovation projects.


“Can I See Your Customer Feedback?”


You can choose to check a prospect’s business site online before the physical meet-up to check for reviews and comments by previous clients. But don’t be afraid to ask them directly as you discuss your roof replacement project, as they might have a good resource for you to check their reviews. They may even drive you to locations of their previous roofing projects to see if you approve their workmanship.


You can also check if the company’s name is listed on sites such as the Better Business Bureau®. Even if they have some negative feedback, look closely at how they handled and resolved those reviews. Keep in mind, however, that people rarely report on their positive reviews, so if a majority of the feedback is positive, then you can be assured of a quality roofing job from the contractor!


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