You may think that the color of your roof is only about appearance and curb appeal, but it’s more than that. It also plays a significant factor in your home’s cooling capabilities as well as how much money you spend on your energy bills. 

DePalma Roofing & Construction, a top provider of storm damage repair services, take a look at the differences between dark- and light-colored shingles. 

Dark-Colored Shingle Roofs

Dark shingles, such as gray, dark brown and black, are commonly seen on residential roofs. They are easy to manufacture and generally affordable, making them a popular choice among many homeowners. With their classic asphalt coating, rest assured that your roofing system and everything beneath is well-protected. 

For homeowners experiencing long winters, dark roofs may be the best choice for your roof installation. They tend to absorb more heat and are great for helping snow to melt. If you live in a sunny area, however, dark-colored shingles may not be the ideal choice. As the heat travels through your roof, this can make it difficult to cool down your home, which can significantly increase your energy bills. For this reason, dark roofs are more desirable in cool climates. 

Light-Colored Shingle Roofs

Light shingles are typically made of very light gray and whites. In general, they have a higher price tag than dark shingles because they are currently more of a niche market choice. If you’re interested in energy efficiency for your home, installing light shingles is extremely beneficial. 

In comparison to dark-colored roofs, light shingles don’t absorb sunlight as easily. Instead, they reflect the heat into the sky, helping the shingles last longer. During hot summer days, this can also keep your house cool. As such, if you live in warmer areas, light shingles can help you save money on your energy bills. 

If you’re unsure what color you should choose for your shingles, it’s best to keep your local climate in mind. You can also get in touch with your local roofing company to help you decide. At DePalma Roofing & Construction, we are more than glad to assist you with your roofing work, including roof inspection and more. Call us today at (717) 638-1131 or fill out our online contact form to set an appointment.