A roof repair might seem simple enough, but it is an effective way to ensure your roof’s longevity and performance. Even so, many misconceptions about this roofing solution continue to circulate, reaching many homeowners who don’t know any better. Today, DePalma Construction reveals the truth behind the most common roof repair myths.

Most Common Myths About Roof Repair

Myth 1: Roof Repair Is an Easy DIY Project

While many consider it as a cost-saving measure, performing DIY repairs puts at risk your roof’s structural integrity. You may have succeeded at replacing a few cracked shingles, but if you didn’t consider inspecting the flashing or underlayment, your roof may likely fail early in its lifespan. Going the DIY route may also void the roof’s warranty. Most roofing manufacturers won’t cover issues resulting from roofing work done by someone other than a trained or certified roofing professional.

Myth 2: Cheap Materials Are Okay

This myth stems from the belief that the quality of shingles is merely a marketing tactic and shouldn’t be considered when repairing a residential roofing system. Beware of contractors telling you that all shingles or roofing materials are the same. Shingle types vary not just in their price points but also their longevity and performance. For example, three-tab shingles don’t last as long as their architectural counterparts.

Myth 3: The Roof Surface Looks Fine, Thus Repairs Can Be Skipped

An undamaged roof surface doesn’t always mean the entire system is healthy. Some roofing issues are tucked underneath the layers, including moisture damage on the roof decking. A comprehensive inspection by a reliable roofing contractor is necessary to confirm if it is as healthy as it appears or it needs immediate repairs.

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